Lovers ‘Welcome Home’ 7″

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Lovers – Welcome home – Three songs released on a seven inch for their european fall tour. Initially sold at concerts. The single contains ‘wander through the time of hearts’, ‘boxer’ and ‘lavender light’. Two songs taken from the new … Continued

Massicot 12″

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Massicot 7 Songs King Ayisoba from Ghana – his response to hearing Massicot in the car: “this is a fine music!” Thats what we think as well. This is a split release between the band, mon cul de paris et … Continued

Fat Cat – Soundtrack LP

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Fat Cat – Original motion picture soundtrack. Music by Wilf Plum. Bande-son du long-métrage éponyme réalisé par Patricia Gélise & Nicolas Deschuyteneer, Fat Cat, c’est quoi ? Un bar à hôtesses, “anonyme”, comme il y en a tant dans toutes … Continued

Zea ‘The Beginner’ LP

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Zea ‘The Beginner’ LP reviewed in Incendiarymag: This is what happens when you give a troubled youth recording equipment. I don’t know what it is that’s happening in Noordwijkerhout, but there’s a lot of stuff coming out of Next to … Continued

Zea/Kanipchen Fit 7″

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This 7″ was especially released for the Balkan tour Zea and Kanipchen-Fit did in November / December 2009. Zea put on “Song for Electricity”, a twenty first century eclectric version of the Ethiopian song “Bogiye” (Abonesh Adenew), and takes his … Continued

Kift ‘De Dag’ 7″

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Tracks: De dag, Nat & stinkend stroo, Haat Red Wig 003 | Mississipi 43, September 2009 reviewed in TRUST 145 Dez/Jan 2010/2011: De Kift ‘s/t’ 7″ Die Veröffentlichungsflut nimmt kein Ende und auch in den Niederlanden werden alte Kamellen in … Continued

Kift ‘Ijverzucht’ LP

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Late eighties the then 4 piece de Kift released a 3 song 7″ (1988) & lp ijverzucht (1989). Ferry: guitar & brass (Svatsox), Wim: drums (Rondos, the Ex), Jacco (GRRR): bass, Maarten: vocals (Pistache B.V.) With audible dutch lyrics, Pushy … Continued

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