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DAIKIRI ‘Marcel Supra’ LP


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DAiKiRi is a duo drums and bass, vocals too… Psychedelic noise and epileptic speed funk. High energy sound eruptions and dada-esque poise. Hyperkraut lightning bolt melting a banana on an arab’s radar. Says DAiKiRi: Marcel Supra is a fictional character, you can see him on the cover of the record, he is the personification of the wood-burning stove that we use in our practice room.

A joint release of these labels: et mon cul c’est de tofu?, hola halo diy, la face cachee, naab, whosbrain records, ascenseur emotionel and red wig.

You can listen to the tracks here:

The record is out since 02.12.16: Release party was in Metz @ Les Trinitaires + Melt Banana