This live-action musique concrete bit-crushed punk duo from Lyon ( France ) are long-time touring-partners with Secret Chiefs 3. It’s hard to believe it’s just drums and keyboards . If someone said FAT32’s music stands upon foundations erected by bands like Lightning Bolt and Hella , they would be partially right. But the quintessence of FAT32’s music sparkles beyond such comparisons into regions occupied by artists like Spike Jones, Edgar Varese, Naked City and Squarepusher. Their live show so flabbergasted the members of SC3 that they have dragged them all around the world for over 100 shows, and stood watching every night, never tiring of admiring FAT32’s ever-shifting set. Since 2007 FAT32 proves that the best future-music in the digital age is still made 100% organically.
Double LP 12″ 45rpm (black 180gr. vinyls)
Released in 2012, 1000 ex on ! a N G R r !

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