The first long player of Penkowski released in 2017 comes with a beautiful artwork by Basel-based artist Daniel Schoch. Few copies left!

Listen here:

The four-piece band from Biel, Switzerland proved themselves as a highly acclaimed live act at numerous shows in all parts of Switzerland. With their driving New Wave sound and preaching vocals, Penkowski prove that they are one of the best bands when it comes to dark and eccentric music. In clubs such as Spazio Morel, Horst Klub and l’Usine or the festivals Ostfest and Festival de la Cité, the band drew even the most inhibited concert-goers out of their wild dance steps.

The Inner Noise Explosion says:
“These four guys sound like their (excellent) taste in music: obscure, wild and irresistible. Dark psych meets 80’s garage punk and wave here, as if Lou Reed were jamming with Joy Division and The Electric Prunes with The Horrors.”

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