Elementi post i math rocka, indie popa i krauta.
Žen connects female energy, a variety of chocolate bars, beer bottle caps, sounds from nature, hot ketchup and multicolored flowers and creates a doughey mass that creeps into instruments and exits through amplifiers and speakers.

Žen is a consequence of a little probable collision of a few excentric comets that, according to the rule saying statistics are always wrong, happened in 2006. This galactic event, that went by the name of Ž/BUKA, expanded, developped, made noise, whimpered, collected some experiences, went through certain phases of musical expression, changed a lot of colors and finally learned how to fly.

In the abstract time dimension of the universe, to reptile and earthlings accepted as the number 2009, the flying Ž/BUKA collided with a Russian satellite, exploded and assumed a bodiless state that goes by the name of Žen.

Žen released the album “I onda je sve počelo” in may 2013 on Unrecords.


1. Nije se desilo
2. Voda je more
3. Slučaj No. 3583
4. Iskrenost je posebna
5. Sve ostaje nakon nas
6. Ton i broj
7. Šuma, mačka, gospoda i prozor
8. Ja sam uvijek na istoj liniji

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