Massicot/Housewives 7"

One Song each band, Massicot with Kokteilis, Housewives from London with Exc.281016.

Edition of 1000, brought to you by these fine labels: Blank Editions, Et Mon Cul C’est du Tofu?, Hands in the Dark, Harbinger and Red Wig.

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DAIKIRI 'Marcel Supra' LP

DAiKiRi is a duo drums and bass, vocals too… Psychedelic noise and epileptic speed funk. High energy sound eruptions and dada-esque poise. Hyperkraut lightning bolt melting a banana on an arab’s radar. Says DAiKiRi: Marcel Supra is a fictional character, you can see him on the cover of the record, he is the personification of the wood-burning stove that we use in our practice room.

A joint release of these labels: et mon cul c’est de tofu?, hola halo diy, la face cachee, naab, whosbrain records, ascenseur emotionel and red wig.

You can listen to the tracks here:

The record is out since 02.12.16: Release party was in Metz @ Les Trinitaires + Melt Banana

Reviewed in TRUST (Issue 183 – Apr/May 2017): Das Cover lässt einen etwas ganz anderes erwarten, als das was aus den Boxen dröhnt, legt man die CD ein.
Gut so, denn das Cover in seiner kunterbunten Gestaltung ist eher was für den Hipster Vegan-Laden um die Ecke. Musikalisch dagegen gefällt das ziemlich. Bass und Drums, dazu Gesang. Trotz des minimalistischen Setups sind die Songs sehr chaotisch, mal schnell, mal Midtempo Parts dazwischen. Street Eaters trifft Melt Banana. Gefällt sehr gut. (martin)

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KURWS - Alarm

Now finally out on vinyl, the new album by the Kurws. Listen here:

KURWS - Eliminacje

CRK SALKA PRESENTS: Kurws live in Radio Student, Ljubljana 19.09.16


Sumshapes are DAWSONites Ali Begbie (bass/vocals), Richie Dempsey (drums) & Jer Reid (guitar/vocals).

Mon cul, gruff wit and red wig have just released their debut called 'Cabin biscuits'. More of their music here:


Rattles LP has been out for a while and they are touring with The Julie Ruin in November. Here is a nice video for this occasion.

Massicot 'Suri Gruti' 10"

Will be released mid august 2016.

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New video to coincide with the release of the Hyperculte LP.

Music: Hyperculte
Words: Hyperculte and Douglas Adams
Produced, engineered and mixed by Tobias Levin and Hannes Plattmeier, at Electric Avenue Studio, Hamburg, Oct./Nov. 2015
Mastered by Hans Wagner at Solidart Mastering, Vienna, Jan. 2016.

Video: Authentic Boys
with the youths of College de Nyon-Marens
as a part of the Rehearsing Revolution project
Co-production: FAR° Festival des Arts Vivants, Nyon and Etablissement primaire et secondaire de Nyon-Marens
Thanks to Ariel Garcia and Peter Bijl
Supported by RegioNyon and Cine5K

Hyperculte LP

Behind Hyperculte lie Simone Aubert (Massicot) and Vincent Bertholet (Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp). The former whacks her drums with pinpoint precision while the latter tames his double bass, making it thrum in a continuous loop. Together, they hum repetitive and inspired litanies. The result is a hypnotic ball of fire that is contemplative and extraordinarily powerful.
Hyperculte brush with the side of their fists the urgency and audacity of Liquid Liquid, the experimentations of Arthur Russell, the unabashed impetuosity of Neu! and Can, the delirious pop music of Areski and that something ethereal and incantatory from the depths of the breeding grounds of existence.
The wild two-headed animal was tamed by the skilful hand of Tobias Levin during a stormy session on the docks of Hamburg in October 2015.
Release: May 04th, 2016 on Bongo Joe and red wig