ATAMINA – No One Wants To Die

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Taken from the album Sycophantic Friends, made by ZEA. Listen and get it here: Now out on vinyl too, look here: and here:

API UIZ ‘Peplum’ LP

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API UIZ is an ultimate rock sub-genre mixed of colored punk spirit. The compositions are an alternating pattern of repetitive parts and feverish flights within a noisy background where hooky flaming tunes try to exist. It is because the group … Continued

Kurws ‘Alarm’ LP

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Evolution? Revolution? Devolution? There is no certainty about the vector of Kurws’ music. The way from the debut Dziura w Getcie to Alarm leads from a primitive sophistication to sophisticated primitiveness. It is a comic, from which the bubbles are … Continued

Coolhaven ‘Rode Pruik’ 10″

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Coolhaven’s 10 inch vinyl release ‘RODE PRUIK’, with covers of de Rondo’s and combined with a 24 page comic book-style artwork by De Rondos’ Johannes van de Weert. At this special release Coolhaven perform covers of both De Rondos and … Continued

NI ‘Dedoda’ 12″

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Three guitarists, one drummer, and nothing to fret about: NI are out there to save the universe, their exorbitant rock drone doing the hula hoop with templates, their outer-space free jazz swarming with noise-shaped JS Bach on natural steroids. Everything’s … Continued

Massicot/Housewives 7″

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One Song each band, Massicot with Kokteilis, Housewives from London with Exc.281016. Edition of 1000, brought to you by these fine labels: Blank Editions, Et Mon Cul C’est du Tofu?, Hands in the Dark, Harbinger and Red Wig. rw 025

DAIKIRI ‘Marcel Supra’ LP

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DAiKiRi is a duo drums and bass, vocals too… Psychedelic noise and epileptic speed funk. High energy sound eruptions and dada-esque poise. Hyperkraut lightning bolt melting a banana on an arab’s radar. Says DAiKiRi: Marcel Supra is a fictional character, … Continued

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