Pandemiczny koncert zespołów salkowych

CRK Salka is a thriving Wrocław based collective active since 2006. Although this creative environment has been represented by such groups as Kurws, Ukryte Zalety Systemu, and Przepych, there are many more bands in the room. Some are still waiting for their moment, while others have disintegrated leaving almost no trace behind as their members stitch new constellations. In this space, one plays with sound in various personnel arrangements nested in a growing web of personal connection, reflecting the communal aspect of this collective work. "Pandemiczny przegląd zespołów salkowych" is a documentary film of a concert performed in autumn 2020. It captures the current moment in the life of our community, showcasing its representation today.

Live performances in this video:


On stage current and former members of: Barłóg, Norymberga, Flux, Pustostany, Polaroid Android, Stragesti and others.

Kurws is accompanied by a guest appearance of Filip Zakrzewski (Ślina, Tortex) for one night exclusively.

The video was shot on September 26th of 2020 in the concert hall of CRK (Wrocław, Poland). It was made primarily for those whom we couldn’t let in due to the pandemic, keeping the number of tickets on an acceptable minimum.

Sound recording: Filip Zakrzewski
Mix: Szymon Szwarc
Edit and postproduction: Jakub Majchrzak
Cameras: Karolina Kalisz, Piotr Kawaliło, Jakub Majchrzak, Marie Nachury, Łukasz Plata, Jakub Zasada
Titles: Ewa Głowacka
Lyrics translation: Alicja Grabarczyk, Wojtek Knop, Jakub Majchrzak, Mateusz Waligórski

Intro song: "Elementy" by Różewie    (“st”, 2020,
Outro song: “Szympans” by Norymberga (“st”, 2014, BDTA,

The publication about CRK Salka by Paweł Piotrowicz, Marta Trawińska and Karol Paczkowski can be read online here (PL only): (Pänika)

L'étrangleuse - Vertige & Vérité (Video)

L'étrangleuse est désormais un trio : vidéo live de "Vertige Et Vérité" au petit théâtre du bât de l'âne, juillet 2020.
Mélanie Virot : harpe, voix
Léo Dumont : batterie, voix
Maël Salètes : guitare, jeli n'goni, voix
Une réalisation de Mickael Pillisio

HYPERCULTE en concert, May 28th

Hyperculte played in support of the Bains des Pâquis in Geneve, which are closed due to the corona crisis. You can still see the concert here (Facebook). If you want to support the bath, you can donate: Stay safe!

Przepych - Regresarabas LP now out!

Just out since March 25, 2019, 500 copies made. Released in cooperation with Degelite, La Loutre Par Les Cornes, Red Wig and the band itself. Touring in April and May 2019, do not miss out!

D.U.D.S. - Four (Paxton)

55 seconds from the new album 'immediate' now out on Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu, Opal Tapes & Red Wig.

King Ayisoba & Howie Reeve

King Ayisoba with Ayuune Sule and Howie Reeve “Mamma” live at Leith Depot 19th August 2018

ATAMINA - No One Wants To Die

Taken from the album Sycophantic Friends, made by ZEA.
Listen and get it here:
Now out on vinyl too, look here:
and here:

KURWS - Eliminacje

CRK SALKA PRESENTS: Kurws live in Radio Student, Ljubljana 19.09.16


Sumshapes are DAWSONites Ali Begbie (bass/vocals), Richie Dempsey (drums) & Jer Reid (guitar/vocals).

Mon cul, gruff wit and red wig have just released their debut called 'Cabin biscuits'. More of their music here:


Rattles LP has been out for a while and they are touring with The Julie Ruin in November. Here is a nice video for this occasion.