a. Life Of Lies (03:25) aa. Distant War (02:56) aaa. You Never Learn (02:55)
Released 3rd March 2014

Hagar the Womb just sort of happened. The predominantly female band formed in the toilets at London’s Wapping

Autonomy Centre in 1981. Someone suggested starting a band and they all said oh – ok then. Their first gig with The Mob and Zounds followed just a week later. They couldn’t play or sing and had no kit but in true punk spirit, they didn’t let lack of ability or instruments get in their way. Some say they carried on as they started.. certainly they never took themselves too seriously despite being part of the overtly politicised anarcho-punk scene of the time. The band went on to tour extensively through the early 80s and released their first 12” e.p “The Word of the Womb” on Conflict’s Mortarhate label in 1984. In the same year, they recorded a four track session for the legendary John Peel show on BBC Radio 1, and a second 12” e.p “Funnery in a Nunnery” followed on Abstract Records in 1985. The band split shortly afterwards and that was it – for decades. Then a small indie U.S. label, Mississippi Records, re-released the two 12”s in 2011 and brought all the original band members back in contact by doing so. The band were then offered a slot at Rebellion Punk Festival in 2012. The idea was not to reform, but play the festival and a few warm up gigs beforehand. The first of these was fittingly with the Mob, 30+ years on from that other first time. Rebellion happened and the Hags enjoyed gigging and playing with old friends again so much that they decided to continue. And they’ve ended up here on All The Madmen, still playing with the Mob and having fun. Almost full circle..

Hagar the Womb were and still are:
Ruth Elias – vocals
Karen Amsden – vocals
Steph Cohen – guitar (previously bass)
Paul Harding – guitar
Mitch Flacko – bass
Chris Knowles – drums
Veg Venables – bass (on special occasions)

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