Inspired by a Romain Gary’s Book from 1964 (Ski Bum), trio Geneva’s 4tet like to play the country-blues with a psyche-touch. All lyrics are french and uncompromising even if you don’t understand. Folk guitars vs distorted guitars, hovering lap steel, backing vocals remembering country music heros or messy Black Lips, between lullabies and dance floor killers … It is a dreamy record, unique, fresh and new. They invoke the ghosts of the french past as Serge Gainsbourg or Alain Bashung but also some immortal giant as The Velvet Undergroud (as usual) of Harry Belafonte ! It’s groovy. It’s mellow ! It is for the first time on LP, with a beautiful print screen cover, deep in the blue. The perfect record for the beginning of the year, promising rising waters !!!

There are people who, when they’re fed up trying, naturally fall back on their mother tongue. There are people who inevitably veer towards something sluggish and hazy, a little like our judicial system but with a happy ending. There are people who greet the death of their idols, lost under the snow, with melancholy and who reveal between the lines that, from the day they were born until the day they’ll die, they will always have something to hide.

Tired of seeing their reflection in the mirror, there are people who immerse themselves in an ocean of intimacy and who never even try to pull the knife out of their wounds. Simply said, there are people who are more at peace than others, unfazed by the surrounding hostility, who openly and wholeheartedly write songs of thier own time with tinges of ‘Bleu pétrole’.

Through their diluted verses, Adieu Gary Cooper exist. The musicians in Adieu Gary are such people, and I’ve met them.

” French singers shouldn’t pretend they can sing in English, no Englishman has ever found any of them convincing. ” Brian Ferry, circa 1989

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