Debut album from Logikparty, they were a 21st century post-punk band from Dublin, Ireland.

They formed in 2009. They released a two track 7” and a 10” EP. Oh Cult! is their debut full length album, recorded in 8 days during an adventure in London in the summer of 2011.

They don’t exist anymore…..

Side A 
Anti Omerta 
Blonde on Blonde on Blonde 
Cave Pain Things 
Drop City 
Dumb Glutton
Side B 
Guesse Flesch 
Jar of Wasps 
Low Certitude Humbler 
Negative Matching 
Telescopic What

LP comes with download code 
LTD LP run of 250. Released 06 April 2012.

Anti Omerta:
Drop City:

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