Late eighties the then 4 piece de Kift released a 3 song 7″ (1988) & lp ijverzucht (1989).
Ferry: guitar & brass (Svatsox), Wim: drums (Rondos, the Ex), Jacco (GRRR): bass, Maarten: vocals (Pistache B.V.)

With audible dutch lyrics, Pushy melodic basslines, bouncy snarerolls and angular guitar they concocted a unique kind of pointed sparse punk with fanfare brass blasts. Maarten’s poetic lyrics were rrrrecited, spat out and crooned. A heady mix of bleak reflective explorations on the dutch mental state of the times; post WWII mentality dissected and rejected and gleeful romantic pleas for revolt with ingrained disillusionment.
De Kift came of age in the dying hours of the squatter movement at the time. Playing benefits, raising funds, eyebrows and soundtracking a lifestyle on it’s last legs. Alas the times were a changing. The movement discombobulated and was succeeded by a fragmented scene in turmoil. Ijverzucht came out amidst that monumental confusion, a landmark record. (de kift website)
Tracks: Code het alfabet, Vlijt, Staal op staal, Nat & stinkend stroo, Blind, Sokke met gaten, Dwars, Ademnood, Bokke ze neer, Adrenaline, overdosis, (Hartstikke) gek, De passie v/d slager, (Houje) oren (open)

Red Wig 002 | Mississipi 42, September 2009kift_yverzucht

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