Noseholes debut 12” LP “Danger Danger ” takes the listener on a journey in a scruffy taxi – unexpectedly cruising through dirty, muddy streets into a neighbourhood in which discotheques are sparsely improvised in shabby basements.

Whilst the EP reminds of a wicked journey to a kind of fake jazz – a disco infused variety of Post Punk / No Wave is now taking its place instead. Groovy, catchy underground hits (Styling, Danger Dance, Lush Box) mixed with experimental songs in weird languages (Yelzins Affair), a No Wave Grumble Rap (Ex Driver) and nerve-wrecking Saxophone improvisation (Aspirin Nation). Minimalists and day-thieves on instruments, effects, bongos, saxophone and trumpet. Foreign elements of dance-music.

Listen here:

“Noseholes” are from Hamburg, do sound like New York tho! (Trust Magazine / Stone).

The minimalism and musical approach of Noseholes reminds of bands such as Bush Tetras, Contortions, Shopping or Nachthexen. (X-Mist Records)

„Harbinger is going to release the LP in the UK – best indicator of the quality that can be expected and that it is going to be everything but boring“ (Ox Fanzine / Karl Heinz Stille)

„Awesome! Reminds me of nothing! Mental shit! Absolutely fit!“ Kopfpunk Blog / Marko Fellmann)

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