With his third album, The Big Swim, due out in December 2022 on Bongo Joe records, Augenwasser ventures once again into the paths of synth wave exploration with a pop feel. Still laced with the folk textures of his early days, he nevertheless develops a dance approach that can at times be akin to melancholic drone. His music takes you to an imaginary, dark club, lulled by a haunting rhythm, surrounded by the fumes of the night, where it is possible to indulge in that quiet voice that has already confessed that it is too late but will never stop repeating its soft, cold poetry. “You’ll realize one sad morning / some things change without a warning. In the same way that we realize as a child that things are bigger than they seem, so we discover the music of Augenwasser. A simple and disturbing melody, beautiful and sincere, declined to excess, which grows with each track, as a stream turns into a lake, a music that builds a world of broken papers and enchanted ideas.

Listen here:

Released Dec 16th 2022 on Bongo Joe.

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