500 only reissue 7″ of the third Cravats single complete with Cravfacts sheet.

Although The Cravats are forging forward into the future with an exciting new single and LP due in the coming months, they haven’t forgotten the past or the fact that few folk were lucky enough, at the time, to purchase their classic Small Wonder single releases.

First single Gordon was re-released last year.

‘The End’ featuring Burning Bridges, The End and, the classic, I Hate The Universe also got the same treatment in 2018 with a whole art department of skilled craftsmen (The Shend) lovingly recreating the original sleeve and Small Wonder Records label until it looked close as dammit.

Now it is the turn of the much loved cacophonous classic from August 1980, Precinct with Who’s In Here With Me on the flipside.

Purloined from the BBC Peel session that first aired on 9th August 1979 and produced by the legendary Bob Sargeant, Precinct succinctly summarises the soulless shopping centre of Redditch New Town where the Cravats loitered and lounged about.

“If you like insanely fast, modernist punk – I can highly recommend this as being suitable for any form of physical activity.” Said somebody or other in Sounds on Oct 4th 1980 and they were right, as the thunderingly manic drums herald the start of this Orwellian onslaught.

Like the two re-releases that have gone before, there will only ever be 500 of these vintage vials of vinyl, each with an interesting insert of ‘Cravfacts’ as well as the near illegible lyrics to Precinct.

It’s only available here or at forthcoming Cravats gigs (no bureaucratic business barcode soils this sleeve!) and won’t be around for long so pop one in your satchel, saunter home and file under, ‘Blimey, that’s rather ruddy good.’

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