THE BLEAK ENGINEERS, new music project of Svetlana Zombierella and Alexander Moralez, cold-wave project recently formed on the melancholic snow of Saint-Petersburg in Russia.  Zombierella is known as the vocalist and bass player of the surf-rock band Messer Chups and the rock’n’roll band The Bonecollectors. These bands have multiple album releases (“Storage Records”, “Trash Wax”) and lots of tours all over the world. Beside that she’s a DJ and a collector of a rare vinyl stuff. Moralez (other alias “Kind Human Being”) is an electronic musician published on vinyl labels like “International Deejay Gigolo Records”, “New Flesh”, “Snuff Trax / In The Dark Again”, “Meant”, “Brokntoys / Eidetic” and “Fundamental Records”. He’s also the label owner of “Mosaique Records” and the regular DJ, resident and curator of Mosaique club. The Bleak Engineers make a melancholic wave with live guitars and other instruments such as vintage drum machines and synthesizers of the 70-80s. Wave is the new wave !

Released May 11, 2018

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