This 7″ finds Cold Pumas at the zenith of their dance orientated weird-outs. ‘Beat Mystery’ is an epic growing repeato-jam, echoing guitar driven along to euphoric heights with a propulsive energy. The drums hit hard into a kraut vault, shimmering away into cymbals just at the right breathing moments before the guitars pull you onwards. Towards the climax of the song Cold Pumas unleash some haunted vocal blurring before it finally shudders into a grave.

‘Party Drip’ is equally as restless and relentless in it’s kinetic punch, but certainly channels a more heavy club-based ecstacy. Tumbling drums punctuate the sweet clang and lilt of the guitar work, allowing the track to slip inside a (slightly) more conventional song form occasionally, without losing it’s four-to-the-floor spirit.

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