1. Some Are Love
2. No More Fighting Cats, Ok?
3. Queen Of The Sketch Patrol
4. Yes Sir, Yes Way
5. It´s A Hard World Sometimes For Little Things
6. Jesus Loves You (But You´re Still Coming Home With Me)
7. Send Jolley To Raleigh
8. For Bob Rieke

Aimee Collet Argote is the primary force behind Des Ark, an emerging musical project brimming with urgency and force. She has always been surrounded by and created music. As a child growing up in France and the U.S., Argote started playing the piano but then moved to guitar. In 1998, one of Argote’s first musical outlets, Rubeo, released a seven-inch in on Mr. Lady Records, a sadly defunct and queer-friendly label out of North Carolina. des_ark began in 2001 as a full band but soon whittled down to the duo of Tim Herzog (drums) and Argote. In October 2004, Exotic Fever Records released des_ark’s first output, a split seven-inch with Bellafea. Not ones to stay idle for long wallowing in the critical praise of this release, des_ark came out with their first full-length, an album entitled Loose Lips Sink Ships on Bifocal Media/Bakery Outlet Records and recorded by current Witch member/Dinosaur Jr. alum J Mascis. Touring across the US twice in 2005 behind the album, Herzog left the band in September 2005, leaving Argote to continue touring and recording as Des Ark.

Aimee Argote – Guitar + Singing
Tim Herzog – Drums

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