From the press release: Berlin has once again spat out a new and energetic punk band that’s ready to kick some ass. Founded by members of Derbe Lebowski and Zerfetzt, here comes FEMME KRAWALL, the answer to all your prayers. By combining their snotty and dirty garage surf punk with their own blend of a funny but intelligent riot grrrl attitude, these five cuties have already warmed the hearts of traditional gutter punks and serious activists alike. They have it all, dual vocals that instantly catch you and make you wanna sing along, some serious surf guitar riffs drowned in layers of reverb, a gritty pumping bass and some punkish drumming. and if you like your lyrics a bit weird, FEMME KRAWALL will definitely put that smile back on your face. Listen here:

200 black vinyl (these here for sale)
100 turquoise vinyl with additional b-side screenprint

Released October 9, 2015 on spastic fantastic records

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