Having become one of the leading rural/tribal blues bands in Europe, Hell’s Kitchen are back riding a fresh breeze with Red Hot Hand. After four albums, hundreds of dates all across Europe, this new record arrives with big clear ideas and, most of all, hot ideas; the spellbinding and minimal feeling accumulated after all those years of touring, recording sessions and other torments of a live band.

Hell’s Kitchen (well seconded here by Matt Verta-Rey of Heavy Trash and Mama Rosin’s Robin Girod who directed half the album), take off with an absolutely new approach where fans of the 70’s, The Roots or Captain Beefheart can recognise themselves…long time admirers and newcomers.

Moi J’Connais Records is proud to present it’s release n° 028 and wishes to recall that the birth of the label is due to this Geneva band. Release n° 001 being nothing else than the, sadly no longer available single: Hell’s Kitchen vs Mama Rosin where each band covered “baby please don’t go”. It’s also thanks to them that a lot has changed in Geneva. The cutting, edged, broken line of the GenevaBayou Connection, including Hell’s Kitchen, Mama Rosin, the Dead Brothers…A long story finally offering the album we were waiting for. The Hell’s Kitchen of the future: fresh and fun but experienced, a legend in the making. From New York to Zürich, from Coimbra to London, this release binds together the Moi J’Connais catalogue. From Blues, Calypso and brazilian groove to mind-bending new releases.

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