The release of Howie Reeves 5th LP ‘Cracks’ was successfully supported in a Kickstarter campaign which raised over 2000 pounds! Thanks for your support in this. Vinyl released on Red Wig, Moncul and Bar Marfil Records on the 7th of May 2019 in an edition of 500.

Eleonora Flies 3:10 (Howie bass + vocals)
Bloodlines 3:56 (Howie bass + vocals)
It’s The Poor That Helps The Poor 0:41 (Howie vocals, Marcos Padrón Accordion, written in 1904 by Harry Castling and AJ Mills)
The Hanged Man 3:04 (B+V Howie, keyboard by Jim McEwan)
Sardines 3:08 (B+V Howie)
Middle Child 3:23 (B+V Howie)
July Into August 3:25 (B+V Howie)

Lancers Versus Tanks 3:47 (B+V Howie, acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies by Dave Reminick)
Alina Ann Elena 3:41  (Bass Howie, lyric & vocal Jos Kley/GW Sok)
When I Hear 3:36 (Bass Howie, lyric & vocal Jos Kley/GW Sok)
Pol Macanni 0:47 (Ale Fajardo – voice, Ava Griffith – French Horn, Tony Bevan – bass harmonica, Howie – bass harmonica)
Smiling Eyepatch 4:37 (Howie – bass and vocals, Stevie Cossar – acoustic guitar)
Come To The Surface 3:32 (Howie b+v, Semay Wu – cello)

Listen here:

Mike Watt features Howie in his radio show which you can listen here. Check the Louder than war review.

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