Loud and proud, Portland, OR based Lovers is a synth-driven pop band of emotional intensity and complexity. Their album Dark Light crafts an intimate portrait of female friendship, sexuality, and evolution as an infinite process, creating an expansive sonic landscape of colorful wonder and hope. The album is already receiving accolades from reviewers worldwide.

“Carolyn Berk’s songs are full of breathless melancholy and a sinking, infinite sadness. In them you hear hints of the circus-fuineral magic-realist run-on folk song of Neutral Milk Hotel, the dreamy twilight grandeur of Mazzy Star, Bright Eyes’ last-gasp soliloquies, and the ghost-haunted majesty of Magnetic Fields’ loneliest highways. But I’ll be damned if Berk isn’t a more entrancing spell-caster than any of them.” – The Boston Phoenix

Tracks are:
Figure 8
Don’t You Want It
Shepherd of the Stray Hearts
No Regrets
To Be a Dancer (I Am Alive)
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Cedar Falls

Released 2010 on Badman Records

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