HEartfirst info: These guys from Berlin got something special going on. I do not remember any other band from Germany that ever sounded like them. Their style is totally stripped-down, raw, mid-tempo, powerful, feedback-laden hardcore punk — rather the USHC way, but it comes with great vocals and great lyrics in German. Still this is no Deutschpunk even though some folks label the band this way. This is their second EP, after a best-selling demo tape and a self-released 7″ EP of 2011. Their vinyl debut caused a little hype with someone from the US even calling MÜLLTÜTE “the best German hardcore record in 20 years”. But I sometimes question people’s expertise on the subject. Probably their other favorite band of 20 years ago was ACME. Or maybe they were not even born 20 years ago. Anyway, with this new EP HeartFirst Records is proud to release another six song ripper by MÜLLTÜTE for the masses. Despite many offers of illegal drugs and worldwide fame from international labels the boys have inked a long-term record deal with HeartFirst, where 6 song EPs on 45 rpm are the current standard.

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