Now out (March 21st) – Dark – gothic – ethereal – mesmerising folk from the Avergne, please give it a listen here:

Somewhere between Buffy Sainte Marie’s Illuminations, Nico’s Desertshore and Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes work, Sophia Djebel Rose gives us a first album to rank among the unclassifiable of folk music.

Minimal and abundant, austere and generous, classic and baroque, Sophia Djebel Rose has succeeded in this gamble of combining the extremes, but it seems natural if we are willing to consider that some whispers have the force of a cry .

Métempsycose is made up of nine titles which are odes to forests and the earth, lullabies or songs of hope. Entirely recorded at home, on the high plateaus of Auvergne (middle of France), the album delivers this light specific to the mountains in which it was born. The artist says she often feels an intimacy with the world around her, insects, rock, the very small and the very large. So this idea of metempsychosis, according to which our souls travel through beings, allows her to explain this intimacy with the world. Because ultimately that’s what this album is about: our belonging to the Living.

Edition of 500 copies on Oracle and red wig.

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