This is Kologo Power 'A Bogatanga Ghana Compilation' CD/LP

This compilation is an African initiative. King Ayisoba once told me "I want to make the world love kologo music like Bob Marley made the world love reggae music."
In 2014 I played on the launching of King Ayisoba's V-CD "Kologo Spirit" at the cultural center in Kumasi, Ghana. The event started at three o'clock in the afternoon with a local children circus, then DJs and then a drumming group from the North East Region of Ghana, the region where kologo music is from. Around six the first kologo player entered the stage and the open-air theatre was filled with about two-and-a-half thousand people, mostly Frafra (the popular name for people from the North East Region and the name of their language). Many kologo players followed that night, which went on until three in the morning. I must have seen about twenty for sure. But backstage there were more guys who didn't even make it to the stage but were playing anyway, backstage, outside and around the scene. Ayuune Sule, Sambo, Stevo, Guy One and of course King Ayisoba played, the audience was amazing, lots of people entered the stage throwing money at the musicians, others came to dance, the night was seriously on fire. It was one of the most amazing musical events I have ever attended.
Ayuune Sule and King Ayisoba told me later there are more than eighty-five kologo players already in and around Bolgatanga, the capital of the North East Region. And two years later I was going to see more. In January 2016 King Ayisoba invited me to Ghana again to join in on his "Batakari Festival" ("batakari" is the name of the traditional cloth many of the kologo players wear). One night in Accra and one night in Bolgatanga and I sure did hear and see many more kologo players and not only on those festival nights. Also in the pito-bars ("pito" is a traditional drink based on fermented millet), cafes, FM stations, houses and studios and at a traditional funeral in Bongo (a village near Bolgatanga) I saw lots of amazing kologo players.
The idea of making a compilation had been discussed on our European tours already a few times. In the van we listen almost solely to kologo music and there is no lack of great tracks. So together we started picking out the tracks we really liked. There was one dogma: "no computer beats". King Aysioba wants to show what is the real kologo power and that is made by, as he calls it: "man power".
Most of the tracks are recorded in studios in Ghana. Some are sung in Frafra, others in pidgin English. Some are with a live band and some are just solo kologo and voice. But all songs represent a force and unveil a very strong musical power. The connection between kologo music and (delta) blues has been made more than once and that resemblance is not written on ice; the personal and the social messages, the strong rhythms, the push that this instrument -with only two strings spanned over a goatskin on a calabash- can give to people to make sure they do not ignore the dance floor, all that makes it worth the work and effort of making at least one kologo compilation.
So in January 2016, when meeting all the kologo players, I had the change to take pictures and do interviews with everybody. Which you find on the insert. And you should know this is just a tip of the syncopating savannah iceberg, but it's a good start I think.
Arnold de Boer / Zea -Amsterdam, March 2016-

Howie Reeve 'Smaller, now' LP

Fresh from acclaimed 7" release with Mike Watt (The Minutemen, fIREHOSE) we’re over the moon to be putting out Howie’s latest album – smaller, now – with illustrious Hamburg based DIY label Red Wig.
Having previously found fame with experimental Indie-Pop band Tattie Toes, Howie has been striding out on his own for several years, acoustic bass in hand, walking boot on footstool. His music is deeply introspective, considered and full of glorious dynamic range. Listening to Howie feels like you’re setting the world to rights – and considering the hell-scape that we’re currently living in, it feels ever more necessary and important.
“smaller, now is a difficult beast to tame. It’s an album that skewers all manner of preconceptions and manages to mix the sublime with the ridiculous to great effect. There is a deep love for the planet and the good in humankind on display here, which adds to the general warm feeling that listening to it can invoke” – Simon Tucker, Louder Than War.
A regular performer in his Glasgow base, Howie has also toured the UK, Europe and Japan relentlessly over the last few years and is currently juggling his baggage allowance in preparation for a May jaunt around Spain and Portugal at the following destinations.
Smaller,now is available on limited12" vinyl packaged in a beautiful handscreened cardboard sleeve, designed by Rocco Lombardi and printed by The Positive Press, London.
Released: 4th march 2016, 300 copies made.

Lahcen Akil & The Chaabi Brothers LP

Lahcen, est né en 1969, au village de Tamlalte, dans le haut-atlas marocain. Bercé par la musique acoustique et les
chants traditionnels, il débute la musique très jeune.
Auteur-compositeur, il interprète ses chansons qui parlent de la beauté de sa région, en berbère local, le tamazirte et les traduit lui-même en français ou en arabe.
Il interprète ses chansons sur un lothar qu’il a fabriqué lui même,avec un manche en bois, une caisse de résonance en palmier et une peau de chèvre tendue. Il est régulièrement accompagné de son frère aux percussions.
Mais c’est surtout un artisan, il fabrique des poignards berbères, travaille le métal, sculpte différents matériaux.
Lui et son frère maitrisent parfaitement les méthodes traditionnelles de travail du pisé pour la construction des murs, du bois et des roseaux pour les toitures.

Le savoir des bâtisseurs de Casbah se perpétue de génération de génération.

Coproduction avec Do it Youssef, Animal Biscuit, ET MON CUL C'EST DU TOFU?, Red Wig

Téléchargement Libre / Free Download (250)

Lahcen was born in 1969 in the village of Tamlalte in the Moroccan High Atlas. Influenced by acoustic music and traditional songs, he started music very young. As songwriter, he performed his songs about the beauty of the region.
He interprets his songs on a lothar that he made himself, with a wooden handle, a palm soundboard and goatskin. He is regularly accompanied by his brother on percussion.

Massicot 'Morse' LP

Das Quartett aus Genf wandelt mit einem ausgesprochenen Gespür für fesselnde Rhythmen auf den Pfaden von The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans und den Mekons. 'Morse' ist ihre zweite LP, und wurde in Koproduktion von Mon Cul, Kaka Kids und red wig herausgebracht.

Download Morse

Le Singe Blanc LP

Coprod' avec Mon Cul, la Face Cachée, Aredje, Redwig, Whosbrain, Musica per Organi Cald.


Prince Buju ‘We Are In The War’ CD/LP

Prince Buju (real name Aduko Saabo) is a Kologo musician from the north of Ghana. He has a rough and direct voice which he uses to sing emotionally charged songs. These deal with loss and disaster, war and hatred, and with people who should realize that, if they want to have a happier life, they should change their ways. With only two strings and one grinding voice he cuts through borders and languages and reaches out to the rest of the world. Many of the songs on We Are In War were previously released on casette in Ghana. Though Prince Buju is a dedicated rastafarian, his music -as a style- has little to do with roots reggae. If you enjoyed the Makkum release of King Ayisoba, you’ll love this one too!

CD version released in February 2015, LP to follow 6th of April.

Kurws ‘All That Is Solid Melts Into Air’ LP

(the) Kurws formed in May 2008 as an unexpected result of a ping pong session. Since then they have pursued their own search, not so much in defined genres, but within the very foundations of rock, expression, and sound. It is a workshop where improvisation penetrates through composed material, a congealed form of the creation process. Armed with repetitions, recombinations, variations and contrasts, they frolic with memory and expectations. Post punk, krautrock, rock in opposition, funk, no wave – they present modes of playing, motives, and riffs we have heard time and time again in a totally different context, dissected from their original environment, placed side by side, used in a brand new manner, deconstructed and distilled.

Their debut album “Hole in the ghetto” was released in 2011 in Europe in a joint venture by Qulturap, Oficyna Biedota, Trująca Fala, and Blinded, and in the US by Bat Shit Records. The band has played numerous gigs throughout Europe and are faithful henchmen of DIY principles.

Depending on the circumstances, the band functions as a trio:

Dawid Bargenda (drums)
Hubert Kostkiewicz (guitar)
Kuba Majchrzak (bass)

… or as a quartet/quintet, enriched with one or several of the following members:

Piotrek Zabrodzki (LXMP, Baaba, Efekt Moozgu) – synthesizer (2012 -)
Oskar Carls (Saigon, Davaj) – saxophone (2012 -)
Piotr Łyszkiewicz – saxophone (2013 – )

Ex members: Krzysztof Tokarski – saxophone (2009 – 2012), Wojciech Bajda – bass clarinet, clarinet B (2011-2012)

Listen here:
ideas not esthetics

The LP version will come out on the 8th of April, 2015. 500 Copies.

Keith John Adams ‘Roughhousing’ LP

Vinyl co-release on 4 labels: Vacilando ‘68 in the UK, Red Wig in Germany, PIAPTK in Tucson, Arizona & Gray Sky from San Francisco.

Peculiar vinyl mastering: The digital version of the album is a recording of the vinyl album being played on a vintage hi-fi turntable, replete with suface noise and the odd pop. It’s available on CD and from the usual online stores from Functional Electric in the UK.

Keith John Adams says the title of his new album, Roughhousing, is both a description of the recording and a mission statement. The tracks were bashed out at speed to maintain the fun and excitement of recording and to give them a chaotic edge. Adams played nearly all the instruments in a series of sessions around his home town, London. Like a character actor, he adopted different personas for the different instruments to give the recording more of a band sound - despite it being a multi-tracked single musician. Keeping the rough edges also helped it sound more like a rehearsal tape - as was the plan. The tracks Change, No Room & Music In My Feet have already been played on the BBC’s 6Music in the UK. Keith John Adams and the Wildlife will be playing shows in Europe and the US in 2015.

Of the Music in My Feet/No Room double a-side:
“The contrast of sounds is brilliant... This single is great” SEESOUND
“Good wholesome fun from start to finish. This is honest, open and catchy music” WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN’

Roughhousing is KJA’s 4th solo album after a slow 6 years, prompted chiefly by becoming a father of two. He’s been making music solo since the start of the century though, chiefly in the US where the Athens, Georgia based HHBTM label released two of his albums. That led to tours playing on bills with Of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel, Apples in Stereo, Deerhoof and Mountain Goats. He’s also toured Japan with HHBTM label mates Elekibass.

“Great non-programatic pop” THE WIRE
“Addictively fun and off-beat” TREBLEZINE
“Joyously upbeat, reminiscent of Macca at his most catchy” RECORD COLLECTOR

The first three solo albums:
2002’s Sunshine Loft, a quirky folk-pop live recording made in a loft in east London with some longtime collaborators including Rhodri Marsden, currently playing keyboards for Scritti Politti, Matt Armstrong, currently playing bass on Bill Fay’s new records, and an occasional dripping cistern.
2005’s Pip, a fun pop freak-beat affair recorded in London by Ant Chapman of Collapsed Lung.
2008’s Unclever, a garage rock/pop album recorded in Athens GA with Casper and the Cookies (ex Of Montreal) as backing band. KJA wrote and recorded personal songs for the first 40 people to pre-order Unclever from the label, a gruelling assignment that was written about in the Guardian. It took six weeks of almost constant writing and recording.

The more youthful KJA was the singer and driving force behind the 1990s band, Zuno Men. The Melody Maker put them in their A to Z of Crusty, perhaps for want of any other bands beginning with Z. Their 1997 single, Stay in with Me, was Single of the Week on Mark Radcliffe and Mark Riley’s BBC Radio 1 afternoon show. They were labelled art-skiffle by the NME, and the description still often holds true for KJA’s sometimes folky, sometimes garagey, odd-ball pop music.

Released 1st December 2014.

Our favorite online record store says:

Great album by this guy from London. Filled with clever, catchy and witty, joyously upbeat and uplifting pop songs! Sounds smart and makes you feel good from start to finish. One song is called "Music In My Feet", and that's exactly what it sound and feels like.

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp 'Lentillières/Elephants' 7"

Release date 4th of April 2014. From the same session as the new album, these two tracks come on a neatly packed 7" single.