API UIZ 'Peplum' LP

API UIZ is an ultimate rock sub-genre mixed of colored punk spirit. The compositions are an alternating pattern of repetitive parts and feverish flights within a noisy background where hooky flaming tunes try to exist. It is because the group hopes to contribute to the survival of joy and drama in the stereotypical world of pop music. API UIZ also has the weakness of romantic aspirations: waiting for the Big Night but at the same time thinking about mustard while flying over the shanty towns of General Tapioca.

API UIZ sortira en novembre son 7ieme album. Il répond au doux nom de Peplum. : “Comme le péplum du cinéma : grandiloquent, kitch, écrin architectural d’une fin de race Hollywoodienne, mais avec un coeur épique et baroque.” dixit le groupe.


rw 031, record released on November 17th, 2017.

Kurws 'Alarm' LP

Evolution? Revolution? Devolution? There is no certainty about the vector of Kurws’ music. The way from the debut Dziura w Getcie to Alarm leads from a primitive sophistication to sophisticated primitiveness. It is a comic, from which the bubbles are being wiped out with each subsequent page, making it more abstract for some and a lot more concrete for others. More important than a genre or clear explanations here are the nerve, adventurousness and controlled instability of the line. It is these that complement the rest and create images and notions. Kurws speak little, but they throw the news of the world into the cogs of their machine made of nerves conjoined with instruments. In one gesture they reflect reality, challenge it and dodge.

‘Alarm’ is Kurws wrestling with their limitations. Doing splits in asynchronous performance, in expanding their patience and organising silence. There are escapements with the use of many layers, recording tracks with a tape recorder, taking advantage of tape’s physical imperfections. Kurws train in composition, improvisation and – which is relatively new – in casting spells on coincidence, riskily falling out of structures, evading their own habits. They form, lose and cover their tracks. Can you dance to this material? Of course you can, but it is not going to be either the well-remembered Tanz mit Kommune 1 or a clumsy dance with Colossus on clay legs. This time it is a dance on a volcano.

Pascal Quignard has concluded that there is no sleep for hearing. This is why various devices to wake you up appeal to your ears. Sight can be turned away or covered by eyelids. You cannot switch hearing off, though. Kurws exploit this passivity of the ear to the fullest, yet doing so in defiance of the oppression encoded in the music. They use sonic violence in service for peace. They generate tension which releases and diffuses greater tensions. They are like the madman raving in the street that you listen to only to recognise your own fears, neuroses and frustrations. ‘Alarm’ is an alarming album for alarming times. You need to decide yourselves whether it is a fire alarm, a nuke alarm or no more (and no less) than a common alarm clock.

Karol Paczkowski


Melodie & Rhythmus 1/2018: Auch wenn diese Polen eine reine Instrumentalband sind, nutzen sie das Mittel der ‘Vokalisation’ – nicht etwa, indem sie die Emotionalität des Gesangs kopieren, sondern indem sie ihren Tracks die Struktur eines Streitgesprächs oder einer flehenden Geste verleihen. Das Lässt ihre Musik natürlich schroff wirken, aber längst nicht auf so durchkalkulierte Art wie bei den Ruins. Subtil greifen die Instrumente ins Reich der Klänge aus: der perkussive Bass groovt, das Schlagzeug liefert Adrenalinstöße, die hoch gestimmte Gitarre sticht ins Ohr, während das Saxofon den Hörer hin und wieder Gassi führt. Auf dass diese Mischung aus Funk-Anarcho-Punk und Musique concrète euch Neues verkünde!
(Michel Chevalier)

rw 030, November 8th 2017, edition of 500.
LP by Red Wig / Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu? / Jacob Records

Coolhaven ‘Rode Pruik’ 10″

Coolhaven’s 10 inch vinyl release ‘RODE PRUIK’, with covers of de Rondo’s and combined with a 24 page comic book-style artwork by De Rondos’ Johannes van de Weert.

At this special release Coolhaven perform covers of both De Rondos and Tandstickorshocks, next to other obscure material. Johannes made an appearance in his own right alongside his old Rondos bandmates (and those from Tandstickorshocks), as ‘Rode Pruik’ is a reworking of old hits from both bands. According to Coolhaven’s Lukas Simonis, “The reworking is done with a Gabber feel, which suited those songs like a glove”.

The comic is a trip guided by Johannes his new alter ego ‘Biggo’ around avant garde history, politics and underground related to the history of Rotterdam and De Rondo’s in it’s timeframe, developing itself to the contemporary situation and Coolhaven’s Rotterdam.

Coolhaven is “a flexible group that flows in a realistic-capitalistic manner if needed and dries up where fluid is redundant.”

Johannes van de Weert was a cartoonist in the Rotterdam punk and squatter movements of the 1980s next to being the vocalist of the influential Rotterdam-based punk band De Rondos (1977 – 1980). He started self-publishing comic booklets in the late 1970s and famously created the ‘Redrat’ character for the fanzine ‘Raket’ in 1980, which soon became an icon for the squatter’s movement.

Released in cooperation with DE PLAYER in September 2017, edition of 300 copies.

rw 029

Sumshapes ‘Cabin biscuits’ LP

Fellow Glaswegians Sumshapes have an LP ́Cabin Biscuits ́ (in consort with: Mon cul c’est du Tofu? and the band ́s own Gruff Wit) coming out 30th of June. Record release will be held in Glasgow that day, Followed by a week of giggles in France and Benelux.. finding some kinda shape as we type… Sumshapes are a pythagorean-skronk-pop trio that ́s not to be confused with one of our alltime favorite bands; DAWSON who were around in the late 80ies / early nineties.. who started out with exactly the same 3 members… new band, new music.. oh my godly and matured cremecheese!


rw 028, June 2017

Howie Reeve ‘Not so secret garden’ LP

Howie Reeve ́s next LP ‘Not so secret garden’ will be outed the 22nd of may in an edition of 500. Another proud collaboration with: Et mon cul c’est du Tofu? Singular interplay between voice and acoustic bass, purposefully growing into his own spiel, celebrating the grassy sidewalk cracks, the generousity of human spirit yet lamenting the strains of sadistic entitlement in our current states.
current interview at list.co.uk


rw 027

NI 'Dedoda' 12"

Three guitarists, one drummer, and nothing to fret about: NI are out there to save the universe, their exorbitant rock drone doing the hula hoop with templates, their outer-space free jazz swarming with noise-shaped JS Bach on natural steroids. Everything’s there, and everything’s there is shit hot.

Boasting members of such risky ventures as Tumido, Fang den Berg and Braaz, NI released their debut album in 2010 on Zach Records. As a direct consequence the quartet toured half the Continent, leaving it in a state of unadulterated exultation. May and June 2012 saw NI on another outing, regaling Central, Northern and Eastern Europe with their next offering: the follow-up, “Foxtrott”, was released on Interstellar Records as a very pink vinyl LP in a very green sleeve. The LP’s design smartly reflects the style and colour update of their stage kit: gone is the surreal astro-chic of yesteryear, their screamingly dazzling costumes now ushering in a neo(n) era of all senses transmogrified. And still the music is free from inhibitions yet complex; still it is as delightfully delicate as a damsel in distress, yet as brawny as a Bavarian barmaid. A second helping of brains washed down with Zweigelt, insanity on the highest of all possible levels. NI-ce.

Drei Gitarren, ein Schlagzeug und kein Grund zur Sorge. NI retten das Universum. Mit exorbitantem Rock, der Schablonen als Hoola Hoop-Reifen verwendet. Mit Free Jazz from outer space, konturiertem Noise und Johann Sebastian Bach auf körpereigenen Substanzen. Mit allem und scharf.

Zur NI-Belegschaft gehören Mitglieder von waghalsigen Formationen wie Tumido, Fang den Berg und Braaz. 2010 veröffentlichte das Quartett sein Debütalbum auf Zach Records. In der Folge bespielte man den halben Kontinent und hinterließ allerorts helle Begeisterung. Mai und Juni 2012 waren NI unterwegs, um in Mittel-, Nord- und Osteuropa ein frisch gepresstes Machwerk zu präsentieren. Der Zweitling „Foxtrott“ erschien auf Interstellar Records. Als grellpinkes Vinyl in grellgrüner Hülle. Das Artwork der Platte wurde stilistisch und farblich mit den Bühnen-Outfits abgestimmt. Der surreale Astronautenlook der Anfangszeit ist schrillen Neonkostümen gewichen. Ein Fest für alle Sinne. Und wieder ist die Musik enthemmt und komplex, filigran und wuchtig zugleich. Wieder ist es rohes Hirn mit Blumenstrauß. Wahnwitz auf höchstem Niveau. NI? Immer.

NI: Martin Flotzinger (dr), Tobias Hagleitner (git), Gigi Gratt (git), Manu Mitterhuber (git)

Released on ZACH RECORDS AND RED WIG, Edition of 500, 21.04.2017


rw 026

Massicot/Housewives 7"

One Song each band, Massicot with Kokteilis, Housewives from London with Exc.281016.

Edition of 1000, brought to you by these fine labels: Blank Editions, Et Mon Cul C’est du Tofu?, Hands in the Dark, Harbinger and Red Wig.

rw 025

DAIKIRI 'Marcel Supra' LP

DAiKiRi is a duo drums and bass, vocals too… Psychedelic noise and epileptic speed funk. High energy sound eruptions and dada-esque poise. Hyperkraut lightning bolt melting a banana on an arab’s radar. Says DAiKiRi: Marcel Supra is a fictional character, you can see him on the cover of the record, he is the personification of the wood-burning stove that we use in our practice room.

A joint release of these labels: et mon cul c’est de tofu?, hola halo diy, la face cachee, naab, whosbrain records, ascenseur emotionel and red wig.

You can listen to the tracks here: https://daikiri.bandcamp.com/album/marcel-supra

The record is out since 02.12.16: Release party was in Metz @ Les Trinitaires + Melt Banana

Reviewed in TRUST (Issue 183 – Apr/May 2017): Das Cover lässt einen etwas ganz anderes erwarten, als das was aus den Boxen dröhnt, legt man die CD ein.
Gut so, denn das Cover in seiner kunterbunten Gestaltung ist eher was für den Hipster Vegan-Laden um die Ecke. Musikalisch dagegen gefällt das ziemlich. Bass und Drums, dazu Gesang. Trotz des minimalistischen Setups sind die Songs sehr chaotisch, mal schnell, mal Midtempo Parts dazwischen. Street Eaters trifft Melt Banana. Gefällt sehr gut. (martin)

rw 024

Massicot 'Suri Gruti' 10"

Will be released mid august 2016.

rw 023

Hyperculte LP

Behind Hyperculte lie Simone Aubert (Massicot) and Vincent Bertholet (Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp). The former whacks her drums with pinpoint precision while the latter tames his double bass, making it thrum in a continuous loop. Together, they hum repetitive and inspired litanies. The result is a hypnotic ball of fire that is contemplative and extraordinarily powerful.
Hyperculte brush with the side of their fists the urgency and audacity of Liquid Liquid, the experimentations of Arthur Russell, the unabashed impetuosity of Neu! and Can, the delirious pop music of Areski and that something ethereal and incantatory from the depths of the breeding grounds of existence.
The wild two-headed animal was tamed by the skilful hand of Tobias Levin during a stormy session on the docks of Hamburg in October 2015.
Release: May 04th, 2016 on Bongo Joe and red wig