Norwegian leather Info: While I was at it, I also put out this Live LP by the band. It was recorded at the gig celebrating the Ten-Year-Anniversary of the BLITZ squat in Oslo in 1992. An “Official Bootleg” sort of thing with excellent sound quality (sound board recording) and good crowd noise of lots of drunk Norwegian punks.

On this one you can hear the old hits from the 80s in new versions, optimized by the live experience of the three guys who were relentlessly touring with SO MUCH HATE around that time.

At their gigs in the early 90s, SO MUCH HATE would sometimes play some BANNLYST songs with Finn-Erik singing and drumming at the same time.

This great LP has the full gig that the songs on the Blitz-Live-Hits CD-compilation were taken from, also the song from the OX-compilation-7″.

Limited to 500 copies.

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