Macedonian band BERNAYS PROPAGANDA could be shortly described as danceable newwave/post-punk band with charming female vocals.

Musically and lyrically, Macedonians BERNAYS PROPAGANDA will satisfy the hunger of everyone who couldn’t get enough of their high-energy danceable post-fpunk grooves found on the debut album. Influences such as Gang Of Four, !!!, Fugazi, The Slits, LCD Soundsystem, Gossip and the likes first come to mind, manifesting in the form of chopping guitar riffs and licks interchanged with thumping, groovy bass lines, all linked together with a drum play so uplifting it makes even the dead get up and dance. And the female vocals on top of everything! Uncompromising and ferocius while amiable at the same time, blasting lyrics as sharp as the razors, shredding rotten souls of false idols, malevolent politicians, deceiving leaders and overly-restrictive governments to thousands of hardly-amendable pieces with such a mysterious charm, always kicking exactly where it hurts with a dead-serious attitude.

1. Namesti frizura i gladuvaj
2. Buldozer
3. Ovoj den da pomine
4. My personal holiday
5. Preziveav
6. Se plasam od lugje
7. Blackmail
8. VIP in paradise
9. Koga e dovolno

Released on Moonlee Records, 2010

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