L’autoroute blanche, la piscine le dimanche, le Mont Saint Michel… all join the scene, Cyril Cyril stirs the snow globe, Helvet underground as they are called. Cyril Cyril’s Sunday is a trance, we arrive, people gather. The samples vocals, hesitates, moans a little, Miami Beach, OK let’s go.

This is how Cyril Cyril introduce their new album “Yallah Mickey Mouse“. Once again, they take back their instruments and their roots with their ruffled tips. It is not about untangling. The sonorities are sculpted in vibrating marbles with indocile fossils. A visionary sonic narration, an invitation to an unorganized journey. Multiple influences are called on in the frame of this project of personal emanations and studio research. A tribute to the friends of Hyperculte in memory of an Egyptian camel, winks to the phrasing of Cha Cha Guitry, to the animal of Gerard Manset or to the hand of Indochine.

We are here, they are on stage. In the beginning, we are only human. The voice speaks, images stand in front of our eyes, now we have to make room for them. So we move a little bit, we swing to let the mirages of the oil lamp flow. Cyril Bondi is at the drums with his custom instruments, his body is trained to the groove of the wizards, and the fanfare of delirious insects starts. Cyril Yeterian is on the banjo or on the electric guitar. His storyteller’s voice, that has travelled time and migrations, resumes the stories suspended since our last meeting. This song. A ground swell, the ground vanished under our feet, we find ourselves upside down, we feel like dancing on our hands. These rhythms. Hands on the sand, we tap, slide and resonate. Cyril Cyril carries our voices, including the ones of those who are no longer here. They come back, it’s crazy how modern they are, and then without embarrassment too, without embarrassment and generous, happy to be able to regain a little youth, it looks lost, they sing. Cyril Cyril carries their voices. It’s beautiful to see how lost we are, how we are searching, it’s the music that keeps us standing, inspired, engaged, tangled, it comes out of all the bodies that listen to it, it radiates an transcendent power.

Our reeds, our hands, undulate, breathe, like this music. Cyril Cyril carries our bodies. The ternary scale of our emotions and our smiles that come back. The wave makes us lose ourselves, but the harmonies gently overtake this feeling as we lay on the sand.
Also, the irony. The figures of power, the small march of insects accompanies them while laughing, these presidents. And always the surprise, bells ring in all our ears, those of our skin, our eyes and our hands, which have become our feet, we no longer know. We transform ourselves. And this joy that always comes back. Cyril Cyril carries our senses. These sounds, these rhythms, remind us of something. The memories are richer than those we could have gathered in a lifetime. Cyril Cyril opens our minds. We resonate more and more, we get more and more entangled, everything intertwines, the sounds and their lights. We are the Kaméaméa generation, and the frontiers we no longer want are shattered. The music must not stop. Yallah! The psychedelic organ melody accompanies the voice which rises in the higher frequencies, the percussions encourage us. We accelerate the pulsation, we get closer and stomp together, we want the head of Mickey Mouse. Echoes of bird songs, of a bestiary. We are animals, the carnival of animals, if they still want us. We are not going to leave each other like that, one last dance, we rush, now we know how to reverse the poles, the borders are abolished, everything circulates, the sounds, the joy of being together, Cyril Cyril carries us away.

Marion Zurbach

Released October 16, 2020

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