Formed in Portland, Oregon 2011 – the place, it can be said 21-year old punks, hippies and radical thinkers go to retire. Dead Cvlt channel the energy of 1980’s anarchist punk and US hardcore via the dark swirling guitar of early Banshees and Bauhaus. From within the burgeoning DiY enclaves reaching from Vancouver and Seattle in the rainy Pacific North-west to the scorched earth of Southern California, Dead Cvlt join the revolution for a change of conscience. In a history of progress before humanity, from the desecration of tribal cultures, through never-ending war and the global capitalist tyranny of today, Dead Cvlt play their songs for those living amongst the dying and dead.

Released in june, the new 7″ on all the madmen.

a. Ghosts Still Dance (04:03)

b. No Religion (03:53)


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