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Writes Jaleh Negari: The music of this album was made in close relation to drawings of sound.
The work is based on a process where I have translated field recordings into graphic scores, which I then interpreted into new music.

On my travels the last couple of years, I started doing field recordings of places with exciting sounding qualities, snaps and snippets of situations with a special atmosphere or environment that attracted me in other ways. I took these recordings home and listened to them in a loop, whilst trying to draw what I heard.
From this translation, of sound into image, sprung a collection of graphic scores that revealed new possible sound worlds.

The scores were interpreted into pieces of music that yet again fostered more drawings, and sooner or later a whole feedback system of translation started to build up, as matter travelled back and forth between audial and visual domains.

In this process of translation and transformation, the origins started to fade into forgotten territory, and in their place contours of new stories and emotions started to unveil themselves.
From somewhere along these lines I imagine the music of this album is singing its songs.

Released June 4, 2021 on Eget Værelse

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