Fresh psychedelics from Istanbul! Lalalar simply offers you a future-nostalgia through some retro-cinematic bass lines, electro-dirty beats, rebroken vocals, self-flirting guitars and kindly digged out samples from the legacies of Anatolia.

Hiç Mutlu Olmam Daha İyi (I’m better off not happy)
Not happy? No problem. It is way better than not to be happy instead of trying to be happy all the time and be unhappy at the end. You can just sulk and dance. It’s dark but sweet but dark.

Ceketini Al Yoluna Bak (Take your jacket and wend your way)
Hard to know whom to get close nowadays. Nothing new actually. Mask on the face, virus in the blood for centuries. The ostinato bass line is the life cycle while the beat is as dependable as your heart. People come, people go just as the previous melody fades and inevitably every bitter end starts with an earthquake.

Released December 11, 2020

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