We are so happy to announce the first official repress of L’Éclair acclaimed first album Cruise Control !!!!

Almost impossible to find at fair price, this project is the roots of L’Éclair’s well known poly-groove vibe. Back in the days, the guys were obsessed by afrobeat, funk and psychedelic music and you can really feel it in these 6 tracks.

Recorded live by Vincent Hänggi, Cruise Control has a totally unique sound. Six years after its release, it still feels like the freshest fresh. With this, you’ll understand everything you missed about the Geneva based crew!

Cruise Control was originally release on Rock This Town Records. Thanks Dunja and Robin for the kind authorization of repressing this gems in collaboration with L’Eclair.

If you already missed it once, don’t sleep this time!

Listen here:

Relkeased Feb 3, 2023 on Bongo Joe.

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