Mr. Airplane Man was a Boston duo, Margaret Garrett (guitar, vocals) and Tara McManus (drums, keyboards), who have been playing since 1996. They named themselves after a Howlin’ Wolf song. Friends since grade school, their obsession with rock and roll & blues music inspired the band. They began playing on the street and by 1999 they were voted Best New Local Act by readers of the Boston Phoenix.

This album is a witness of their early days as a band. It captures their very first studio experience and the very deep & true essence of what Mr Airplane Man became later on. Partly produced & recorded by Mark Sandman. Originally self-released in 1998 on Cd by the band, it had to wait 15 years to finally be released on a proper vinyl. One time 1000 copies pressing. Silk-screened cover on tobacco cardboard.

Released on Moi J’connais.

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