Although Wroclawian duo uses typical rock instruments and sound, they avoid referring to typical rock or post-rock structures; instead, guitars and drums as tools of composition owe a lot to syncretic Rock in Opposition scene, funk-hitting no wave, and post-punk that wished to turn its own limitations into unlimited space. Przepych is a response to these endeavors.

Typical rock line-up instruments, enriched by samplers are handled by band members of the following formations: Kurws, Ukryte Zalety Systemu (UZS), Norymberga, Pustostany and others. Przepych is another one of many bands that rehearse at CRK Salka – a place and environment of musicians who associate themselves with Wroclaw-based DIY social-cultural center called CRK.


1. Azbest (Asbestos) 3:19
2. Hymn do zera (The Anthem to Zero) 8:43
3. Kryzys wieloryba (Whale’s Crisis) 7:41

1. Choroby to podróże ubogich (Diseases are the Journeys of the Poor) 1:10
2. Polska Szkoła Filmowa (Polish Film School) 8:20
3. Przyszłość oraz styl (Future and Style)
– Przyszłość (The Future) 5:13
– Styl (The Style) 2:50
4. Raport nie na temat (Off the Subject Report) 7:59

The album’s will be released as LP on March 25th, 2019 in an edition of 500.
Released on french labels Degelite, La Loutre Par Les Cornes, dutch-german Red Wig and by the band itself.

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