From June 8 – 18 a black star from Ghana is in our part of the world. It is the amazing singer and kologo player King Ayisoba. We will do a tour together. I wish you can come and see this. Here are the dates and places:

08 – NL- Amsterdam – OCCII
09 – B – Brussels – Les Atelier Claus
10 – NL- Krommenie – De Groote Weiver (vroeg, ook Ghanees eten)

13 – F – Metz – la Face Cachée
14 – F – Lyon – Le Periscope
15 – F – Grenoble – La Forge
16 – CH- Geneve – Baz?Art Festival
17 – D – Koln – AZ-KölnKalk

King Ayisoba is a number one star in Ghana. His song “I Want to see you my Father” is in the hearts and minds of every Ghanaian. King Ayisoba is part of the new Hip-Life scene and changed the scene with his new approach by using traditional instruments and songs together with the beats, bleeps and bass that make Hip Life so an exciting modern style. King Ayisoba plays the kologo, a two string instrument that originates from the north of Ghana. The sound is melodic and percussive at the same time. It works really well with the jumpy beats and catchy bass lines that come from his sampler. King Ayisoba sings partly in English and partly in his traditional own language, his lyrics are sometimes funny, often actual, very personal and always imaginative. Sometimes the music reminds of Bo Didley with its percussive catchy beat but this is blues of the 21st century and King Ayisoba is driving the cattle.

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