Zea is a breakpop mono from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Armed with guitar, mic, drum machines, sampler and synths, Arnold de Boer comes with fast-paced programmed drums, copious synth work, guitars that go from jangly to strummy on a moment’s notice, and vocals that chant as much as they sing; 8-bit electronic sounds exploding all over the place, and at the same time a poptune isn’t out of the question either.

Live is Zea fast and vicious, putting rock and roll into electronics, and pushing noisy loops into beat punk. Zea released four albums and many singles. The last two albums were released, especially for an Ethiopian tour, on cassette. In 2009 Zea released a 7” EP containing 7 songs, called “We Better Boil Soup of the Grown-Ups”, in December 2009 Zea released “Super Cosmotics” a second 7” (both on his own Makkum Records), and the new album is released just now. After “Kowtow to an Idiot” (2000), “Today I Forgot To Complain” (2003) and “Insert Parallel Universe” (2006), “The Beginner” (2010/Vinyl Version will come out in January 2011) is number four.

26 Jan’11 UK Guildford The Star w/ Rosenbridge, Fauntleroy
27 Jan’11 UK Leeds TBA
28 Jan’11 UK Bristol The Croft How Come night w/ Andy Votel, United Vibrations, The Liftmen, Young Master, The Janitor, Mingpirate
29 Jan’11 UK Glasgow TBA
30 Jan’11 UK London Cafe Oto
2 Feb’11 D Köln Sonic Ballroom
3 Feb’11 D Kassel TBA
4 Feb’11 D Hamburg Centro Sociale w/ Fluten
5 Feb’11 D Berlin TBA
7 Feb’11 D Bremen ZAKK
10 Feb’11 NL Den Haag Club 330 w/ Germanotta Youth
11 Feb’11 NL Amsterdam OCCII w/ Germanotta Youth
12 Feb’11 B Brussels Mag 4 w/ Germanotta Youth
13 Feb’11 F Paris Instant Chavires w/ Germanotta Youth
14 Feb’11 F Lyon Grrrnd Zero w/ Germanotta Youth
15 Feb’11 CH Geneve Cave12 w/ Germanotta Youth

more info: http://www.zea.dds.nl