Zea live in april

03 Apr'12 NL Amsterdam Zaal 100 w/ The Ambush Party
11 Apr'12 D Berlin White Trash w/ dj RocknRolla Pigbeats
12 Apr'12 PL Krakow Alchemia
13 Apr'12 PL Poznan Kisielice
14 Apr'12 PL Warsaw Powiekszenie w/ AU
15 Apr'12 PL TBA ???
16 Apr'12 PL Wroclaw Galerie U
17 Apr'12 CH Brno Desert
18 Apr'12 CZ Prague Akropolis
19 Apr'12 D Berlin TBA
20 Apr'12 D Berlin mshecker
21 Apr'12 D Oerlinghausen JZO w/ Lushus

Zoikle 'Illusies' 7"

End of November the first Zoikle vinyl 7″ was released, on Tractor Notown. Zoikle is G.W. Sok, Lukas Simonis, Nina Hitz, and Cor Hoogerdijk. “Illusions 1&2″ is distributed by de Konkurrent, but also available here.

Zea - Bourgeois Blues new 7"

Zea avec Xavier Charles- In june last year Zea recorded a version of Bourgeois Blues and two new songs together with the fantastic clarinet player Xavier Charles in the Next to Jaap studio. All analogue and in one take since Xavier is improvising. The songs are now put on a 7inch vinyl single which will be released on Februari 24 in OCCII on a great party (see here). Xavier and Zea will at least do three gigs in the Netherlands together. Come and see them! Buy the single in our shop!

Igraj Slobodno! Bernays Propaganda remixed

Released 10 January 2012 as a download-only, this EP contains remixes of BP songs by various Musicians and Acts with diverse musical backgrounds. Red Wig wishes the band all the best for the bands 5 year anniversary and hopes to see them play around! Please give these tracks a listen.

Excerpts from the band's info: Five years ago, a brand new band with a provocative name of Bernays Propaganda appeared in Skopje, Macedonia. Five years later, Bernays Propaganda have released two great full-length records, Happiness Machines (2009) and My Personal Holiday (2010), did a bunch of European tours and hundreds of shows all over Europe, and consequently gained good recognition and reputation on the European independent music scene. Bernays Propaganda grew in people's hearts with danceable high-energy post-punk, clear socio-political ideas, honest and uncompromising attitude towards music and especially restless touring.

For their fifth anniversary, Bernays Propaganda (in collaboration with Napravi Zaedno and Moonlee Records) have prepared a pleasant surprise and nice gift for all their present and future fans. The Igraj Slobodno! EP is a collection of Bernays Propaganda song remixes and covers, done by the likes of Mark Heaney (Gang of Four), Zea (the singer of The EX), Bei the Fish ft. Ida Lollobrigida, Sethstat, Anomalia Nativa, Fresh (ex-Suns, Bernays Propaganda), Duke B. and Mindless Violence. Igraj Slobodno! EP is a genre-wise pretty diverse compilation, which shows Bernays Propaganda's work in a totally new perspective. Seems that their music can easily transform and convey the message of these Macedonian activists to different audiences, which opens a bunch of new possibilities in the future. Igraj Slobodno! EP is exactly what the name says (Play Freely!) - a manifesto of openness and freedom in music. Igraj Slobodno! EP is destroying the stereotypes regarding rebellious music and proves that important ideas and messages can be effectively conveyed through music regardless of genre. Igraj Slobodno! EP is a download-only release and download is free of charge. Download and play – freely!

Download here: http://bernayspropaganda.bandcamp.com/album/igraj-slobodno

Listen directly:

OTPMD live en 2012

Feb 23 Festival Rencontres entre les Mondes, Chabeuil, FRANCE - 19:00
Feb 24 Marcillac-Vallon, FRANCE - 21:00
Feb 25 I-BOAT Bordeaux, FRANCE - 21:00
Feb 26 Lou Vessiou Périgueux, FRANCE - 19:00
Feb 27 Tarnac, FRANCE - 20:00
Feb 28 le temps de la Machine Joué-les-Tours, FRANCE - 19:00
Feb 29 Ecuyes, Caen, FRANCE - 21:00
Mrz 1 Point Ephemere Paris, FR - 21:00
Mrz 2 Pixi Lannion, FRANCE - 21:00
Mrz 3 Jardin Moderne Rennes (FR), FR - 21:00
Mrz 30 Festival avataria St Etienne, FRANCE - 19:00
Mrz 31 Webster Café Valence, FR - 21:00

Mai 11 Festival Mai au Parc Genève, SWITZERLAND - 19:00

festival face g en geneve

vendredi 2 décembre, 20h30
Les Frères Souchet (CH)
Eténèsh Wassié et Mathieu Sourisseau (F-Eth)
RM Hubbert (SCO)
Mary Hampton Cotillion (UK)

samedi 3 décembre, 21h30
Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (CH)
Zea (NL)
Orchestra of spheres (NZ)
Awesome Tapes from Africa (USA)

dimanche 4 décembre, 18h30
Dorothy Brown (CH)
Jad fair (USA)
Usurper (SCO)
Gregaldur (F)
Massicot (CH)

Théâtre de l'usine
11, rue de la Coulouvrenière
1204 Genève


Zea live dates sept – oct

vr 16/09 (B) Brussel - RTT
za 17/09 (B) Rupelmonde - 't Gildenhuis
zo 18/09 (NL) Rotterdam - Exit
za 24/09 (D) Leipzig - ZORO festival
zo 25/09 (D) Karlsruhe - Halle 14
ma 26/09 (F) Dijon - Deep Inside
di 27/09 (F) Lyon - Buffet Froid
wo 28/09 (F) Clermont Ferrand - Raymon Bar
do 29/09 (F) Toulouse - The Petit London
vr 30/09 (ES) Barcelona - Apollo 2
za 01/09 (ES) Vic - Jazz Cava
zo 02/10 (F) Marseille - l'Enthropy
ma 03/10 (F) Metz - Sous Le Pont
di 04/10 (F) Amiens - Le Grand Wazoo
wo 05/10 (F) Lille - CCL
do 06/10 (F) Dunquerke - Le Kalvaire
vr 07/10 (UK) Brighton - The Cowley Club
za 08/10 (UK) Leeds - Musiquarium
zo 09/10 (UK) Londen - Cafe Oto

Quite a few gigs are together with: Disk Jochie Grrrt

See a new video for Agrarian Daydreams here:

OTPMD en Toulouse

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Pavillons Sauvages, Toulouse, 03/07/11
(merci a v20foisse - youtube)