Gloria Holwerda-Williams : Vocals and tambourine, Empee Williams : Vocals and guitar + effects.
Empee is also guitarist and vocalist for the Netherlands group SOLBAKKEN. Gloria is a poet and vocalist who combines song and word in her solo performances. Together they perform as KANIPCHEN-FIT sans drummmer, who is still in Amsterdam where they last performed at clubs Paradiso and Occii. Their music driven upside with lyrics which groove into your ears.

Kanipchen-Fit are about simple and straightforward songs with double vocals, a rough and long guitar,
but with unexpected rhythmic and harmonic changes, avoiding rock-cliches. With ten songs in half an hour,
Kanipchen-Fit doesn’t waste much time getting to the point. Save for a few overdubs, Multibenefit is a live recording, with background noise, little mistakes and streetcars roaring overhead blending into the mix.

Release date: 15/04/2010 // March 22nd