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In 2018 Ayuune Sule’s first full length album “We Have One Destiny” appeared on Makkum Records and Rebel Up Records. A solo tour in Europe followed in 2018 and 2019, when Ayuune Sule toured extensively from Denmark to The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Belgium and Bulgaria and became one of the biggest Kologo stars known. Back in Ghana he started recording his new album, featuring artists like Prince Buju and the legendary Bonjo Lyabinghi Noah from UK’s outernational dub masters African Head Charge. The new album “Putoo Katare Yire” is a true explosion of high energy and catchy songs, Kologo driven, traditionally rooted yet aiming for the future. True Soul and Kologo Power coming from Ghana’s Ayuune Sule, truly irresistible and touching.

Nine new tracks, out on Makkum Records in cooperation with Rebel Up Records and Red Wig.

Review in dutch here.

Released April 23, 2021.

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