Haunted House started when lo-fi/DIY heroine Lianne Hall and Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll collaborated on For Silence from Paul’s 2007 solo album The Ideal Condition.

Lianne, described by the late John Peel as “One of the great English voices,” is a veteran of the legendary Peel Sessions and was also spotlighted in his TV series Sounds of the Suburbs. Since then she’s been performing and recording with a number of bands, including Pico and d_rradio, and she’s also worked behind the scenes turning West Hill Hall in Brighton into an underground music venue.

With Paul developing tracks whilst on tour and Lianne moving to Berlin it was clear that finishing an album or even getting on stage together was going to be tricky. When it seemed like the project had reached an impasse, Berlin sound artist Alexandre Decoupigny was the catalyst that moved everything forward; working alongside Lianne to shape the songs into a coherent whole, and to produce and translate the music into live performance.

This double A side single, ‘Lost in a Forest / Shoulders’ came out end of may 2014.
The band will be touring and releasing the debut album ‘Brave The Woods’ due for release October 2014 on Lianne’s own label, Malinki Records.

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