‘Just a little sun, gets wasted on my own. Won’t you come and open up and join me?’

Through the dense cloud of gloom cast over the beginning of the 20’s, bursts TUBULAR SWELLS – a joyous sonic enterprise that pairs impeccably with the hopeful rebirth of our communities and of our lives.

TUBULAR SWELLS was written, recorded and produced entirely at home by HOBSONS BAY COAST GUARD, with consultation from the ghosts of Brian Wilson, Tom Verlaine, David Byrne, Lizzy M Descloux, Kathleen Hanna and of course, Paul.

TUBULAR SWELLS is eleven tracks with an endless variety of aural flavours.
TUBULAR SWELLS is a singular and seamless conceptual experience.
TUBULAR SWELLS has no genre.
TUBULAR SWELLS warmly encompasses surf, pop, rock, punk, experimental, lo-fi, hi-fi and no-fi.
TUBULAR SWELLS is the beam of sunlight on the side of a crashing wave.
TUBULAR SWELLS is the shadow under the flowing surface tension of an underground stream.
TUBULAR SWELLS is the pentagram to unlock the Good Vibes Endless Summer that must be summoned from the collective dream.
TUBULAR SWELLS is the then, the could-have-been, the never and the now.

Listen here:

Released 03.12.2021

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