Memes is John Meme and Paul Meme – a laptop rock duo from Glasgow, formed in February 2019.

“Nine months is what MEMES have taken to get together and release their first 7″, ” Blah Blah Blah “, whose vinyl will reach the buckets in less than a week through the French label Six Tonnes De Chair Records, happening everything so fast thanks also to Steve Lamacq on the BBC6, who praised the John and Paul hard work behind the eponymous single to the album, whose strategy is based on a saturated lo-fi that makes post-punk and garage go hand in hand before the strings end up taking the control in favour of the motivating rock, implanting also its lyrical message in ‘Happy Shopper’, which takes it to the Sleaford Mods ground while the instrumentation is approaching a Christmas dyed of BODEGA, getting noticed by the use of a megaphone with which they approach their lyrics to the people, causing the hips to not stop moving at any time, which well taken advantage of by ‘Funny Man’, means visiting the 70’s, chanted by the 50’s, generating a mosh whose limits are not yet defined.”

Released November 22, 2019

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