An album that enters the deep, interlinked and yet lonely realms of modern being.

The band captured the hypnotic and hysterical energy of their live shows and recorded it in two sessions in the isolation of the French Jura and in their studio. The result was an eccentric LP on which the band combined bulky noise rock with fast and penetrating post-punk rhythms.

Penkowski sings about an alienated world: Absurd, lonely and claustrophobic, the lyrics flood the listener. “Transparency and choice”, “Statesmen and other eminent men”, “Soft factors” almost generically, spam e-mails, quotations from newspaper articles and poems run through Penkowski’s lyrics.

Gatefold 12″ with Artwork by Daniel Schoch and an Inlay with Lyrics and Poems by the Band.

Claudia Zafre of writes:
“It’s a record that is extremely refreshing […] incites the body to dance and challenges the mind at the same time. An essential release for fans of bold rhythms […] and iconic bands like Talking Heads or Gang of Four”

“There are no fillers in an album that manages to be refreshing and inventive”

Will Dum of writes:
“Dans une sorte de classe déjantée, suivant un chant stylé mais qui “déraille” régulièrement vers une sauvagerie non feinte, le quatuor de Biel fait dans l’urgence et impose son approche.”

Released December 7, 2019

Listen here:

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