One of the most distinctive bands to emerge from Nottingham over the last few months is Rattle – a duo operating outside of the traditional bass, guitar and drums rock format. Rattle focus almost exclusively on drums and more drums, beneath an overlay of vocal harmonies and percussive effects.

Formed by Katharine Eira Brown (also of Nottingham’s Kogumaza) and Theresa Wrigley (also of Nottingham’s Fists); Rattle began as an experiment in crafting rich songs and melody using drums and voice alone. Their music weaves and intertwines post-punk, minimalism and experimental rock, through off-kilter rhythms, patterns and counter melodies. Their live performances are at once hypnotic, monastic and danceable, entrancing audiences at this year’s Supersonic Festival, Threadfest and Dot to Dot.

Praise for Rattle:
‘This is everything I believe about music: its humanity and rhythm and silences and fucking and rhythm and magic and solitude. Really it is.’ – Everett True

‘Great percussive art-pop’ – Mr Atavist


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