A black vinyl 33 1/3 RPM 12” that contains five totally adventurous remixes of bass culture clasher Malorix and one original new track by Malorix himself.

In 2009 Malorix’ debut album “Sound System Culture Clash” appeared on Redrum Recordz. Over the following three years DJs like Filastine, Maga-Bo and JF/DS put tracks of Malorix in their sets. Here are five brand new tracks – versions and remixes of Malorix material by lovers of this album that stayed underground but is unique in style. Malorix himself delivers a shiny new track on top.

A1: 1-speed Bike: Hosni Mubarak Does a Back Flip over the Gaza Wall without the CIA Safety Net
A2: Jason Forrest/ Donna Summer: Malorix Case Study
A3: Zea: Stretch Out Your Frown
B1: Filastine: Belselama Said Qutbs Lawn Mower
B2: Malorix: Aur Tum Kya Ho, Dancer?
B3: FFF: Kabaddi Schwalbe (FFF RMX)

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