The first release on NORWEGIAN LEATHER. The re-release of the SO MUCH HATE – “How We Feel” LP which originally came out on X-PORT PLATER from Oslo in 1987. One of the greatest LPs of the Golden Era of European Hardcore Punk. Also SO MUCH HATE were one of the best live bands and toured Europe relentlessly, beginning with their tour with IGNITION from D.C. until they disbanded in the 90s. I still have fond memories of seeing them play in Hamburg at the Störtebeker with GREEN DAY opening up for them. Those were the days!

The record looks like the original version but the cover is black/white as the original artwork was like that, then colored afterwards. The big lyric sheet is exactly like the original. This version comes with an 8-page-fanzine with old interviews and liner notes by long time friends of the band.

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