The Wharves combine gracefully minimal psyche-rock with fuzzed out folk. Their songwriting remains consistently rich, largely due to the startling harmonies of Gemma Fleet (bass) and Dearbhla Minogue (guitar) that bond together each song. They invoke the reverberated spook of 60s girl groups, the mid-fi guitar crunch of Kim Deal’s The Amps, the vocal flavours of The Roches and the narrative and structural panache of 70s progressive folk. Marion Andrau’s thunderous drumming drives through these compositions, ensuring the wealth of disparate influences remain focused and celebratory.

Following on from last year’s brilliant ‘At Bay’ album on Gringo Records, this brand new 7” single gives us a glimpse of what their next album ‘Electa’ will sound like next year. PRS’ ‘Women Make Music’ grant made these recordings possible and enabled the band to spend a day recording with a rebel choir made up of friends of the band and family members. Side A boasts the plaintive yet powerful track ‘NAZ’, which soars for the sky with each vocal climb and guitar trail. Whilst, ‘My Will’ on the flipside takes us back to a wintry past life, sounding practically medieval in its quietude, before leaping up like a newly lit bonfire when the rebel choir join the fray.

Packaging: Green and gold hand-embossed disco sleeve / black vinyl

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