1. Zen And The Art Of Breaking Everything In This Room
2. My Ancestral Homeland, New Jersey
3. Heart Attack ’64
4. Secret Service Freedom Fighting U.S.A.
5. Friend To The Friendless
6. Peter Lorre

Don´t be an asshole! This is it! This is Brooklyn to Berlin, this is the Vaudeville Punk you´ve been waiting your whole live for. These kids aren´t fooling around – this shit is orchestrated, this is the cat in the hat coming to your house. This is the World/Inferno Friendship Society: evangelical glee with two drummers, worshipers of the Great Pumpkin, writers of scores, rioters of wrongs, friends to the friendless, Georgia All State first-chair Horn Section, Scourge to the Opressors, the beauty of the Pianoforte, criminals from New Jersey operating the Astral Plane.People who have tried to hinder them have been hurt very, very badly. They are girls, they´re boys, they range from 19 to 31, they are international, they´ve toured the States and Europe many, many times, they live in Brooklyn, and hang out in Punk Rock Bars. This is it i´m trying to tell you people: this alcohol-spitting, full-time working, all-teeth smiling musicians on a mission – this is the East Coast Super Sound Punk of today. Rock Music is dull, dull dead, while we are physically fit and mentally strong. Stop being such a lazy jackass and get the hell on board. Don´t make me come down there The World/Inferno Friendship Society. Yes, yes!

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