Born from a carte blanche at Cave12 in Geneva in October 2016, TOUT BLEU is the solo project of SIMONE AUBERT (guitarist in MASSICOT / drummer and singer in HYPERCULTE) which has developed into a trio, accompanied by the electronics of the Stakhanovist musician POL, and the deeply ample & masterful electrified violin played by AGATHE MAX.

Simone explores with her first album, a sort of atmospheric no-wave, a pre-rock invitation of travel and introspection. Simone’s voice, reminiscent of Siouxie, Anne Clark or Nico arises on mesmerizing sound texture and calls as much to a new collective meaning than a crying out, a desperate shout alone, far from all, in the middle of the forest. The result is an all-encompassing music, dark, tense but full of sweetness and nourished with hope.

Released November 16, 2018 on Bongo Joe.

All songs composed by Simone Aubert
Produced, arranged and mixed by POL at Black Bunker Studio in Geneva, March 2018
Violin by Agathe Max
Drum beats and percussions on Stolen Secrets, Tout Le Monde and Sorcière by Nicholas Stücklin
Texts on Peur de Vivre by Jérôme Richer
Mastered by Clive at Vic20 studio, Geneva, April 2018

Au delà, Mon conte, Sorcière and Over were recorded live at Théâtre 2.21 in Lausanne by Nadan Rojnic, January 2017
All other songs were self recorded in Vélodrome Geneva, August 2017

Graphic Design: David Mamie
Front picture: NASA

Listen here:

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